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Please rate the following tasks in terms of importance to you, with 1 being not important (or not relevant) and 5 being very important:

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1. Recording pedigree
2. Viewing and printing pedigree
3. Recording performance
4. Analysing performance
5. Selecting animals on performance
6. Selecting animals on pedigree
7. Developing trait-balanced breeding goals
8. Uploading data from other systems/software
9. Downloading data for use with other systems/software
10. Sending animal information to others
11. Sharing animal information with others
12. Generating optimised mating lists

Please rate the following features in terms of importance to you, with 1 being not important (or not relevant) and 5 being very important:

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1. Ease of use
2. Can perform many complex tasks
3. Integrates with my existing computer setup (ie: no additional supporting software or downloads)
4. Runs on any computer (Mac, Windows, Linux, etc.)
5. Works with any browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc.)
6. Compatible with assistive technologies for people with disabilities
7. I don’t need a consultant to run the software
8. Colourful and interesting graphics
9. Powerful science
10. Integration with my email
11. Integration with my mobile phone

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Public access computer (public library etc.)

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NZ Fieldays Focus
NZ Lifestyle Block Magazine
NZ Lifestyle Farmer Magazine
NZ Growing Today
Mailbox promotion
Word of mouth
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