About us

X'Prime originally emerged from within the University of New England as a vehicle to commercialise Total Genetic Resource Management. Since its inception X'Prime continues to expand its range of products and services and seeks opportunities to apply its expertise to new areas of application.

X'Prime Directors

Susan Meszaros, Managing Director: Along with Rod Vagg, Susan played a key role in the development of the TGRM package within the University of New England. Susan has experience with both practical and theoretical animal breeding, holding a PhD in breeding program design and an MBA from UNE.

Rod Vagg, Director of IT: Rod's visionary approach to utilization of internet communications led to the development of TGRM as it is now known, enabling linking of data sources, data analysis and information management. Rod applies the same creativity to other X'Prime products and services. His knowledge extends across a broad range of IT environments and application areas.

Gerard Meszaros, Director: In the past served as Chief Architect of several major projects at Nortel Networks R&D subsidiary, Bell Northern Research, and is now the Chief Scientist at Clearstream Consulting where he leads teams applying advanced software development techniques (such as eXtreme Programming) to help clients achieve faster and higher quality systems solutions. Gerard brings this leading edge experience to X'Prime, assisting with product development and management of client projects. He holds a BSC(Honors) in Computer Science from University of Manitoba.