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New! FeedXL - Online Equine Nutrition Software

Brought to you by X'Prime and Equilize Horse Nutrition

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Take the guesswork out of horse feeding. Prepare diets for your horses with the confidence they'll get what they need for the work they do.

FeedXL is almost ready for release, but you can read more about FeedXL at our new product site at http://www.feedxl.com. You can also leave your details there if you'd like to be kept informed of when FeedXL is ready to use.

Get it here now! TGRM® Mate selection Service from X'Prime

X'Aim - DIY Mate Selection On-line

Learn how your herd or flock can benefit from using TGRM® and discover the merits of mate selection to manage inbreeding and maximise the genetic gain in your herd!

Do it yourself mate-selection on-line:

X'Prime specializes in optimisation software utilizing genetic algorithms. Our current breeding software range has been developed using Agile software development methods to ensure our software is packed with value-driven features.

Our Products and Applications include:

Breeding Software Products

  • Total Genetic Resource Management (TGRM™)
  • X'Aim™ suite of on-line breeding tools
  • Animal genetic data management platform

Other Software Products

  • Evolutionary algorithm architecture
  • Dynamic web information portal systems
  • Online real-time customer support infrastructure

Services include:

  • Animal breeding consulting
  • Information technology and software development and consulting
  • Database integration and development
  • Web application and information systems development
  • Application of optimisation techniques